Whilst you’re enjoying your superfood shake today, give a scary thought back to our growing years last century (post 60s), when we all wanted a body like Twiggy, the Charlie’s Angels girls, Olivia Newton John (in lycra of course), Kate Moss, Elle McPherson or even the chick from Footloose will do. It was a time when we did copious amounts of torturous aerobics and step in lycra tights and g-string leotards, proving we had no butt to speak of. Or soon wouldn’t… A time when we survived on lettuce leaves, one-calorie French dressing and TAB (a diet soft drink from the 70s […]

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Finding Inspiration in all the right places

Posted on January 07, 2016

Today I picked up a children’s book at the supermarket called Miss Lily’s Fabulous Pink Feather Boa by Margaret Wild. Not normally something I would announce to the world, especially in the game of hen’s nights and burlesque. Curling up with my young kids on the couch this morning, I explained I chose this book was because the character on the front was a bit like mummy when she gets dressed up for work – a potoroo dolled up with fancy shoes, pearls and a giant boa (no need to bore them with the fact I really chose this book […]

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Sometimes when I meet a woman, I can instantly picture her in an era, a costume and even hear their song playing. It’s my business to turn every sort of woman into a confident Burlesque act. To see confidence soar, beauty and uniqueness to flourish, is magic to me.  My clients have ranged from an ageing female striptease artist to post-natal mums wanting to feel sexy again, to Hens groups wanting to shine brightly!  Then there’s the well-heeled ladies wanting to learn how to perform for their birthday party or partner’s private viewing. A long love affair with Burlesque, growing […]

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You may breathe a sigh of relief on Friday because work is done for the week. But for me, it means we are just warming up at Bellacize and I couldn’t be more excited. We create glamorous, fun and unforgettable moments with women across Australia as they celebrate their special night. Be it a hens night, wedding, baby shower, birthday or corporate event.Whatever the reason, we always have the best time. Growing up my favourite thing was playing dress­ups and dancing to Kylie Minogue. My music playlist has grown a lot, but the core of what I do with Bellacize remains pretty much the same! […]

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