Finding Inspiration in all the right places

Today I picked up a children’s book at the supermarket called Miss Lily’s Fabulous Pink Feather Boa by Margaret Wild. Not normally something I would announce to the world, especially in the game of hen’s nights and burlesque.

Curling up with my young kids on the couch this morning, I explained I chose this book was because the character on the front was a bit like mummy when she gets dressed up for work – a potoroo dolled up with fancy shoes, pearls and a giant boa (no need to bore them with the fact I really chose this book because Margaret Wild writes brilliantly).

The book tells the story of The Last Poteroo, who feels a transformation happen whenever she puts on this boa: “Little Potorroo sparkled, feeling for a moment that she could do anything – and everything!”

What a statement. And how true that is for what we do at Bellacize.

Something so simple as a shimmy scarf or a pair of gloves and I see that familiar sparkle come to life in the eyes of our girls. Like the Potorroo, they yearn to pick it up. This symbol of glamour and femininity This object empowers them to unleash whats already inside. By the end of the class, she is confident, bold and laughing, enjoying the beautiful woman she already is.

At the end of the story – just like our clients – our little Potoroo is seen without her boa, doing the bold and courageous thing she never thought she was capable of.
As she challenged herself she was letting out that person inside until it came naturally – without the boa to help.

I feel very much like a potoroo most of the time. They aren’t the most gracious of creatures. Certainly not glam when I’m knee-deep in laundry, business meetings or waiting in line at the supermarket. Yet as I’m pulling on my pantyhose, styling my hair – and most importantly gliding liquid eyeliner across my upper lid to create a look Dita would be proud of – I feel like suddenly, I can do anything – and everything.

What is your Fabulous Feather Boa?

Love Myf