Our fabulous 21st Century Bootilicious Bodies  

Hens parties in Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide and Perth in sexy booty Beyonce themes and more

Hens parties in Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide and Perth in sexy booty Beyonce themes and more

Whilst you’re enjoying your superfood shake today, give a scary thought back to our growing years last century (post 60s), when we all wanted a body like Twiggy, the Charlie’s Angels girls, Olivia Newton John (in lycra of course), Kate Moss, Elle McPherson or even the chick from Footloose will do.

It was a time when we did copious amounts of torturous aerobics and step in lycra tights and g-string leotards, proving we had no butt to speak of. Or soon wouldn’t…

A time when we survived on lettuce leaves, one-calorie French dressing and TAB (a diet soft drink from the 70s and 80s for our younger readers) and Skinny Milk (“for Sexy People!”), proudly making the little entries into our Calorie Counter bible; until we tore it up to start again.

It was also sadly a time when anorexia and eating disorders became mainstream and our parents turned into the food police, desperately ensuring their child didn’t succumb to such an illness.

In contrast there was Samantha Fox, Pamela Anderson and Elle, but let’s face it – they were really Size 6 with freakish assets – or were they?  We all admired Elle for knocking on modelling agency doors until one of them accepted her breasts!

Perhaps it was Wallis Simpson as she stood triumphant; rich, rake thin and as the successful seductress declaring, “You can never be too Rich or too THIN” that echoed through the proceeding decades… and boy did it stick!

Was it the stroke of the first minute of the 21st century?  It hit us like a bootilicious breath of bliss…. Shakira was shaking bellydance hips and we mortals realised we needed something to shake!  JLo was ‘Shakin dat ass’ and Beyonce was telling us to shake every big beautiful bootilicious bit we could muster; and do it with pride girl!   Overnight it seemed every female in the street left Pamela’s once grand assets looking well…. humble.  And who could resist the voluptuous Nigella seductively licking her lips and urging us back into the kitchen to throw in some more cream and make it decadent. Woo hoo… how we obeyed!

But nothing could prepare us for this decade. Nicky Minaj’s Anaconda took curves to another dimension – bigger, bolder, more bootilicious than ever before. The Buxom Beauty Reigns!  Burlesque returned to stardom status this century and there’s hints of The Bombshell transitioning in every nightclub, video clip, Housewives of Everywhere on the planet.

But don’t go burning the Spanx just yet ladies!  Bootiliciousness does not come easy to all… Do you see Beyonce flaunting even a hint of flab?  Oh no.. whilst its all about letting that femininity flow; it requires a nutritious and well balanced lifestyle plan and attitude.   It’s about being fit, healthy, and energised but not to the detriment of those curves or moreover your wellbeing.  To eat clean, use super foods but go on… add a little Nigella sparkle!  To workout but ensure you enjoy your activity and celebrate your bootilicious body. The Number 1 rule of Bootilicious success (whatever your body shape) is that nothing is sexier than healthy confidence!

Perhaps in this wonderful period of history that we lucky ones live in; we have hit common sense.  Perhaps we are wiser than credited for by making Kim Kardashian the most famous woman in the world?  Perhaps we sense she’s instrumental in something far more revolutionary; “making striving to be skinny sooooo very last century!”  Hallelujah!

-Christine Sully, Bellacize Director