What is Your Burlesque Character? Here's How To Find Her...

Sometimes when I meet a woman, I can instantly picture her in an era, a costume and even hear their song playing. It’s my business to turn every sort of woman into a confident Burlesque act. To see confidence soar, beauty and uniqueness to flourish, is magic to me.  My clients have ranged from an ageing female striptease artist to post-natal mums wanting to feel sexy again, to Hens groups wanting to shine brightly!  Then there’s the well-heeled ladies wanting to learn how to perform for their birthday party or partner’s private viewing.

A long love affair with Burlesque, growing up in amateur theatre, dance schools since I could walk and running for over a decade holds me in great stead to create a Burlesque Star out of anyone.

I can pretty much match anyone; the pocket rocket ballerina, cheeky housewife, the flapper girl, the bombshell, the stripper, Doris Day, the Arabian Princess, Lolita, Pussy Cat Doll and the list goes on. There’s a song and a Burlesque star just waiting to happen in every woman who still values her femininity and uniqueness. It’s all about drawing out the beauty, talent and the special flair and combining this into an act.   To celebrate beauty and femininity through Burlesque is a buzz to every woman’s self esteem like nothing else on the planet. It should be on every woman’s to-do list to perform Burlesque at least once in her life! There will never be a moment when you feel more glamourous, bold and powerful.

I only need to see someone carry themselves, speak and then bop along to music, 5 minutes is all I need then boom I’ve got their Burlesque!  Then we need the costume, the song, make-up, my choreography and training, and a star is born.

If you cannot get to my studio in Toorak or Melbourne CBD, one of my Senior Burlesque Bellacize beauties in other States; here’s some hints to work out which act would suit you best. You need to take into account your natural looks, confidence level, personality, presentation to the world, passions, dance, drama, special skills, movement and attributes.

Here is are a few of my transformations you may enjoy:

An ageing strip tease artist into ‘Jasmina’.   I felt very naughty teaching such an art knowing where it would be used and kept our private sessions top secret, but I now see it only proved positive to all.  Her long dark hair and tanned skin gave her the look instantly and when I saw how she could move and dance untrained, I honed in on this and with some bellydance snaky moves and shimmies for faster music she blew them away and a stark contrast to the other girls.  She told me she had to sew pockets into my spectacular Egyptian shimmy skirt and after a couple of songs it was always filled with cash.  She said she never took the shimmy skirt off (unlike everything else) whilst at work in the year I knew her.  I never did ask for the shimmy skirt back.

A housewife into ‘Priscilla Queen of the Pole’.   We were lucky in that this housewife used to do gymnastics and with her flexibility and strength I taught her to Pole Dance at my Toorak studio.  We managed to get her a portable pole and needless to say her Pole Dance to “Lovin dat man of mine” from Priscilla soundtrack her husband’s 50th was apparently the best present in his life. Their first date was going to see that movie.

A post-natal mum into Dita Von Tease.  This lady came to me 9 months after her child was born and her body was bouncing back but unfortunately she had no rhythm or dance background.  We therefore used vintage music without a beat and she performed with my huge feather fans which she learnt to handle well and also shed her clothes and her unsexy disposition within weeks.

Hens on their Hens Night into raging Burlesque stars.  I only get an hour with a group so it’s not tailored to the Hen; however often they’ll choose the Burlesque genre the Hen is suited to after speaking with me. Our Burlesque genres range from 1920’s Gatsby to Lolita Latin to Cheeky Housewife and more so I get straight to it with props, costumes, music and moves and by the end of the hour the Hen and her friends are in Burlesque heaven… feeling new found alter egos and very cheeky afterwards. The Hen also has an act ready for the Honeymoon…

It’s amazing what the Art of Burlesque can do for any woman!   Contact us and we’ll show you how.