Why Dancing Burlesque at Hens nights is the Best Job Ever

You may breathe a sigh of relief on Friday because work is done for the week. But for me, it means we are just warming up at Bellacize and I couldn’t be more excited. We create glamorous, fun and unforgettable moments with women across Australia as they celebrate their special night.
Be it a hens night, wedding, baby shower, birthday or corporate event.Whatever the reason, we always have the best time. Growing up my favourite thing was playing dress­ups and dancing to Kylie Minogue. My music playlist has grown a lot, but the core of what I do with Bellacize remains pretty much the same!
A big work decision for me is “does this go better with sequins or velvet?”. Shall we strut to Beyonce or Pussy Cat Dolls?” Are we feeling more Cheeky 50s housewife or 20s Gatsby Glamour Gal? Unless of course its an Arabian nights Bellydance or Bollywood theme….then don’t get me started on the endless exotic and stunning costume choices I’m faced with!
The job isn’t without its perils….getting stage ready can be dangerous! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve burnt myself with a hair straightener and have you ever poked yourself in the eye with false eyelashes? Then inevitably I need to to pee after putting on 4 layers of undergarments and an elaborate and tricky costume!
Dressing up is essential. Each performance, our costume and make up is geared to match the theme of the party (we’ve even done Katy Perry parties before. Nothing is too crazy!). And it has to be authentic. I have to admit I get a little obsessive about costumes and I will research and sew to get as true as possible. So if you are after a vintage pin­up girl workshop, you can be sure that’s what you get.
It can be quite demanding – there’s the usual dancer stuff like keeping fit and flexible. But a hens night or performance isn’t something we just throw together. We work hard during the week to rehearse and choreograph a perfect collection of songs and moves. Each gig is customised it to suit the bride­-to-­be based on conversations with the organiser. That also includes props, like shimmy scarves for bellydance or something saucy for Burlesque.
There are times when I think a 9 to 5 job wouldn’t be soo bad. Mostly when I’ve got an unreachable wedgie under my costume and I’m dragging a 15kg suitcase up stairs, in heels late at night, hoping I don’t trip because I can’t see out of the eyelash­abused eye.
But that’s all worth it for the smiles on the faces of the girls dancing and celebrating. Honestly, I couldn’t do a 9 to 5. We do so more than just teach a dance moves. We bring joy and passion into lives. You invite us into the most intimate of moments and trust us to lead you through an hour that you will smile and laugh over until you’re old and grey, for all the right reasons. Thankyou for that.
I’m yet to meet anyone (and I have done a lot of gigs) who wished they didn’t have a Bellacize event. Our beautiful director Christine has been doing this since 2004 and still gets comments about parties from years ago.
I have the best job in the world. Everyday I get up and I do the one thing on this planet that sets my soul on fire. Every work day is new, fun and filled with emotion and passion. Thank you for letting us create magical memories with you and for inviting us into your lives.
Best. Job. Ever.
– Myf Halliwell, Senior Instructor, Bellacize