Cath is a seasoned performer who knows exactly how to give your Hen the night of her life


Cath is a New Zealand born dancer with a strong background in Belly dance. Her skills also include Burlesque, Bollywood and Latin dance. Cath is an exciting, fun and outgoing entertainer, with a vibrant personality.  She will  teach you the tips and tricks to the dance style of your choice which will leave you giggling the night away with your friends. Cath puts any crowd at ease with her highly entertaining and engaging style. It is her mission to leave you feeling spoilt and completely satisfied.

Kimberley will deliver a show-stopping performance with her sexy moves for your next Burlesque Hens Party in Brisbane


Kimberley comes from a family of performers and, as such, made her performing debut touring England at the age of two. She has branched out somewhat since then, training in dance, drama, and music, and working nationally and internationally as a dancer, singer, actor, and creative consultant. Kimberley loves the stage and loves variety. Whether to kids in Australian schools, women in Thai prisons, or adults in Japanese night clubs, Kimberley loves seeing dance break down barriers, passionately believing in its transformative and uplifting power. With such a mixed bag of skills, Kimberley brings a little something extra to each performance. So hold onto your socks: a small dose of Kimberley might just knock them off!

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