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Event Planning

Bellacize Plans your Next Event – from Start to Finish!

Let us ensure no matter what the event, that it’s a success. The most memorable events involve music, dance, entertainment and facilitation. ┬áCelebrations are for bonding people, ensuring they are having a ball and there’s never a dull moment. At Bellacize we have professional and vivacious Entertainment Hosts that make sure your party is a success. Long after the memory of what food and drink you consumed has faded, the way you felt, danced, bonded and enjoys will linger forever.

Let us know your theme and culture and we’ll ensure it’s an absolute hit

– We bring our great sound system and microphone and music
– Perform or get everyone up having fun and dancing
– MC and host the entertainment
– Teach/Perform any sort of dancing you can imagine from modern Beyonce to Ballroom to Bollywood and everything in between including community dancing: Italian – Tarantella, Greek – Zorba, Indian – Bollywood, Middle Eastern, Latin Dancing etc
– All occasions from children to 21st, to anniversaries, special occasions, industry nights, sporting clubs, weddings and more.

Make your next party unforgettable with a Bellacize Entertainment Hostess & Planner.