I was a little scared at the start... but I loved it!!

I just wanted to write a little something about the amazing Miss Amy. I had my Hens night last Saturday the 8th of Feb at Boho Bar and my Maid of honor organised Miss Amy to come and teach us some burlesque moves as a surprise… and I was definitely surprised. I was actually a little scared at the start, since having my little girl 2 years ago I have not felt sexy at all, so having someone come and teach us how to move sexily and then have to do a little show at the end was insanely scary. But to my own shock I freaking loved it!!! Amy made the whole group feel so comfortable and everyone got involved. After all the warmups routines with all the girls, I actually ended up loving doing my own little ‘show’ at the end. Amy has such a talent for making people feel comfortable but at the same time getting them to do absolutely anything (could be a talent used for evil hehe but shes uses it for good). If you could thank her for me that would be great, all the girls were raving about her afterwards.